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Women are like Golf 3

Sincere apology for the lateness in getting on with the next part. Firstly, i was busy with life and at the same time preparing the topics.. but the most important thing that will encourage me is your comments. please comment and help motivate me to carry on further to sharing such valuable information to you.
“How about dancing skills? Do you think a couple of lessons could be useful? It is worth the investment and it is also an excellent place to meet interesting women. You’d be surprised how many single and available women take dancing lessons. Some of them, in a view to find love”

Perfect woman has skills n talents.. find them there!
Surprised, Micheal said, “I always assumed that people who took dancing lessons went only as  couples. It never happened to me to go alone. I do like to dance but I don’t feel that comfortable with it. I think I might actually try it. But don’t tell the guys, okay?”

“Don’t worry, this is between you and me. Finally, always show a woman respect. Golf is a  gentlemen’s game. Be a gentleman with women. That is really important. You’re looking for someone to love and probably marry, maybe the mother of your future children. If you only see a woman as a sex object, you’re not going to get a very good start.

“Screw the stupid feminists and go ahead to open doors for her.. put your hand on the small of her back while you are guiding her through a room, help her with her coat, hold her hand, and give her warm hugs. The reason I say that is I think too many guys don’t think to show affection unless it’s sexual. Women don’t like men who are gropers.

They want a man who is warm and affectionate. And ignore that crap about nice guys finishing last. If you want a good woman, she will surely appreciate who you really are as long as you aren’t a wimp. Remember to stay confident and that your job is to make her feel taken care of. If you acquiescing to what she wants – which is one of the biggest mistake ‘nice
guys’ make with women – she loses respect for you. And you need to be respected by a woman! she needs to respect and look up to you as well. That's what makes a man!

“Don’t swear in front of her. If she swears like a guy (which a lot of women do now) ask yourself if that’s the kind of woman you want. Sometime it’s okay but mostly it’s not. Get good at being respectful and you’ll get good at being in a relationship. You get what you sow!

Be yourself but you should often practice different approaches and styles. Expand how you relate with people and it will rub off on how you relate to women. When you find something that’s comfortable for you, chances are you will notice you’re having more success by how women are responding to you. If you are comfortable with it, you are confident with it!”

Micheal listened as he wrote and signaled Coach Jake to continue.

“Now, you’ve consequently found the golf course that has your favorite qualities.” Coach Jake smiled. “It turns out you met her in a class you were taking, which is great because you both have something of interest in common.”

Micheal looked puzzled.

“Ohh, I think I forgot to mentions that lectures and workshops are mostly filled with women. Pick topics that you like and get out there. You just might meet your perfect woman. You wil easily make contact to discuss topics and conversation flows easier”

“Hey coach, there is one thing that I don’t get. When is a woman interested. Do you have any clues on that?”

Coach Jake smiled, “That’s a million dollar question boy and I’m glad you thought of it. I would have hated to skip something so important. One of the first signs a woman is interested is she’ll often drop her eyes when you look at her the first few times. Guys usually think that means she’s not interested. Wrong. If you look back and you catch her looking at you, she’s interested. you almost aced it then!

Coach leaned forward, with a bit more intensity in his expression, “But this is important, even if you have no clue – as long as she hasn’t been giving you the brush-off – think about how few women you meet that you really do find attractive. I don’t mean just sexy. There are plenty of those around. I mean she’s got that extra something that grabs your attention. Tel me yourself, which would be worse: not making an overture and maybe missing a great opportunity OR making a move and being rejected?”
“Ugh,” Micheal groaned, “I hate being rejected but I get your point. I’d never thought about it that way. I just focus on the discomfort of being rejected. I need to focus on the positives!

But now that you’ve opened my eyes, I don’t want to miss another opportunity again.”

“Good, because I can guarantee you’ve met your ideal match more than once but didn’t ever give you or her a chance to find out. You both lost out eventually. And remember, most women are waiting for you to take charge. Be the man! So they’re not going to make a move on you. And dont you think its more fun when you get to be the guy, even though it’s flattering when a woman comes on to you?” 

Sighing, Micheal agreed, “Yeah, I have to agree you’re right.”

“Okay, you’ve been going well through the driving range so you’ve become a natural at each of your shots. You’re a very good listener, you ask meaningful questions, you smile and treat her with respect.

“By the way, are you the kind of golfer who cleans his clubs after each shot and especially after each round?”

Micheal answered with caution, not being sure where Coach was going with this question, “Well, sure, of course. Only idiots don’t clean their clubs. But what has that got to do with finding a woman?”

“Micheal, I can’t believe you don’t see the connection. You’ve got to take just as much care of yourself as you do your clubs. Never let your hair go too long without a haircut, keep your clothes clean and pressed, your fingernails and toenails well manicured. If you don't love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you?!”

Micheal laughed.

“I mean it. You have no idea how quickly women are turned off by badly maintained hands and feet. Trust me, it’s not worth the risk.”

Micheal’s mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

“Close your mouth Micheal, just note the point. It’s important.”

Micheal wrote as Coach Jake continued, “Keep your shoes polished and well maintained, don’t let your belts get frayed or stretched out of shape. Keep your car sparkling and cleaned out, and when it’s time for her to see your home, be sure it’s in perfect condition.

And don’t let anything smell bad: You, your clothes or shoes, your car, or your home. Women are completely turned off by bad smells. I'm sure, you too? But don’t do the cologne thing either, unless it’s really mild. A woman should only smell your cologne when she hugs you. Preferably, just smell clean. Got it?”

“Yeah, sure, Coach. I never gave it so much thought but thankfully, I’m normally a pretty careful guy. But now I’ll pay closer attention. Wouldn’t want to lose out just because my shoes were scuffed or i had bad breath.” Micheal grinned.

“Well, here’s a good time for me to toss out some advice that has pretty big ramifications. Floss.”

Micheal’s eyes grew, questioning Coach’s sanity.

“I mean it, floss your teeth every night. Partly, because you’re much less likely to ever have bad breath and partly because there’s pretty conclusive evidence that flossing keeps you from having heart problems, keeps your immune system strong, may even help you live longer. You ace twice the benefits for one little thing. Just get in the habit – twenty one days and it will be automatic – and you’ll never have to worry about turning off a woman with bad breath. After all, you want a woman to want to kiss you, don’t you?” Coach laughed.

“Okay, okay!! I get the message. I’ll start flossing.”

They both laughed together. I'm sure you must be pondering, smiling and questioning too! So, please give us your feedback and comment below. Feel free to share any other tips you think is helpful until we see the woman's fantasy for her perfect prince.


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